CT (computed tomography)

Our state-of-the-art CT scanner is the most advanced cardiac CT scanner in the world.

It can take pictures of the whole heart in a fraction of a second and moves so fast that all of the images are taken in one heartbeat. It allows assessment of the whole heart-coronary arteries, cardiac veins, cardiac chambers and valves.

The scanner produces minutely detailed images at the lowest possible radiation dose and performs coronary angiography without the need for invasive catheters, which reduces the risk to the patient. For the first time this coronary angiography can be carried out within an x-ray dose less than that of an invasive angiogram and it allows us to meet national clinical guidance using cardiac CT to investigate chest pain.

It is excellent equipment to rule out significant coronary disease without the need for an invasive test and at extremely low radiation dose.

It is the only high specification cardiac CT scanner in the area which is used for patients who have chest pain, who are difficult to image, such as those with cardiac arrhythmia or who are overweight.

Advantages of the CT scanner for all patients

  • This CT scanner allows us to take remarkably detailed pictures which gives a more accurate or earlier diagnosis for our patients in the shortest possible time at the lowest possible radiation dose.
  • The extremely low radiation dose is of special benefit in young people and children who need a CT scan and the power of the CT scanner means excellent image quality is possible even in overweight patients.
  • The advanced technology (of having two CT scanners combined into one machine) means some studies, for example brain scans and kidney scans can be reduced from two separate studies to one combined test.