About us

We are an integrated hospital and community services healthcare organisation serving around 400,000 people in Hartlepool, Stockton and parts of County Durham.

  • The trust

    Read about our trust, download our annual reports and plans, learn about our history, find out our vision for the future, how we work and how we are performing.

  • Meet the board

    View the profiles and photos of our board of directors, who have the responsibility to set the strategic direction of the trust and make sure it is performing as it should be.

  • Board meetings

    Our board of directors meet in public around six times a year to discuss performance, new developments and make decisions on how the trust is run.

  • Fundraising

    Every penny raised through fundraising is used to enhance patient care. Find out how you can make a donation or fundraise for us.

  • Membership

    We'd like you to join our trust and become a member. Membership is free, you can take advantage of the many benefits and become involved.

  • Procurement and supplies

    Suppliers and contractors can find out information here about procurement rules, contracting opportunities, e-procurement and how to contact the team.

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion

    We are committed to ensuring equality and diversity is at the centre of everything we do, from recruiting our staff to caring for our patients.

  • Anthem magazine

    Anthem magazine is the trust's magazine for patients, visitors, members and staff. It is supported by advertising and produced at minimal cost to the trust.