Pathology is the study of disease, its causes and progression. More than 70% of diagnoses in the NHS involve pathology, making it a really important part of your care.

Our team helps nearly every patient who uses our services at some point. Every time you give a blood, urine or a tissue sample it is analysed by the pathology department.

The department is divided into different specialist areas:

Opening times

Our reception at University Hospital of North Tees is open from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday if you need to bring a sample to us.


University Hospital of North Tees
01642 624464

User Feedback

We are continually trying to improve the services we provide. Please let us know about things we are doing well, or if you have any suggestions about how services can be improved.

Suggestions or complaints can be made to individual departments within Pathology or to the Pathology Quality Manager or via the Patient Experience Team.

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