Our values

We are committed to providing the very best care to our patients whether they are being treated in our hospitals or in the community.

Our People First Values

Healthcare is a people business, we therefore place great emphasis on; patients, public and staff who are all key to what we do. This is recognised in our People First values and new employee compact, both of which were developed in partnership with our staff.

We are committed to our People First Values and ask our staff to respect and practise these values in their working lives.

Our People First Values expect that we will:

  • treat all people with compassion, care, courtesy and respect
  • respect each person’s right to privacy, dignity and individuality
  • take time to be helpful
  • respond quickly and effectively
  • always give clear, concise explanations
  • practise good listening skills
  • develop and maintain and appropriate environment
  • look the part
  • deal effectively with difficult situations
  • perform as a team