Board meetings

PLEASE NOTE: Until further notice, we will be conducting all board meetings virtually so please do not attend the Trust on the dates specified. Supporting papers will continue to be made available on the website as normal.

Our board of directors meet around six times a year to discuss performance, new developments and make decisions on how the trust is run.

The trust board:

  • adds value and promotes successes
  • provides leadership
  • sets the strategic direction
  • monitors and manages performance
  • safeguards the trust’s values
  • ensures obligations to stakeholders are met
  • constructively challenge and contribute to developing strategy
  • scrutinise the performance of management in meeting goals and standards
  • satisfy themselves that financial information is accurate and that internal systems and controls are working effectively
  • ensure the board acts in the best interests of the public and is fully accountable for the services provided and funds used

Members of the public and staff are welcome to observe the board meetings.

Sub committees report to the board of directors.  For details of the sub committees, their structure and their terms of reference please download from the link below.

If you would like a copy of our previous board meeting papers, or you would like to attend, please contact the private office via switchboard on 01642 617617.

Minutes from past board meetings