Emergency care therapy

The emergency care therapy team is made up of occupational therapists and physiotherapists, based in the accident and emergency department at the University Hospital of North Tees.

The service provides you with therapy support if you are in accident and emergency or if you have had short stay in the emergency assessment unit.

We can help you if you are struggling with:

  • mobility (for example, your ability to walk,  stand from a chair, the toilet or bed)
  • activities of daily living (for example, washing, dressing, using the toilet, cooking)
  • managing stairs
  • caring for family member
  • falls
  • any general concerns about managing when you leave the hospital

We can:

  • provide equipment (walking stick, portable toilet)
  • refer for short or long term care support at home
  • refer to community physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • refer to community services (for example, dementia teams, mental health teams)
  • follow up phone calls once you leave hospital and home visits if needed
  • refer into community rehabilitation beds (for example, Rosedale or West View Lodge)
  • advise on any issues or concerns you may have

I really appreciate everything the team has done for me – from short term to arranging long term physiotherapy care.

Our team will try to help you with anything.

Staff in the accident and emergency department or the emergency assessment unit can refer you to us or you can request our service and we will be happy to come and speak to you.

We provide the service seven days a week between 8.30am and 7pm.