Our audiology team provides a full range of diagnostic and rehabilitative hearing procedures in a caring and friendly environment for all ages.

The team of registered audiologists and assistant audiologists have had extensive internal and external training.

Adult audiology services

Current waiting times

From GP referral to diagnostic assessment 16 days.
From diagnostic assessment to hearing aid issue 20 days.

Adult audiology clinics are provided from the following locations with appointments available between Monday and Friday from 8.45am and 4.45pm.

University Hospital of Hartlepool
01429 522585

One Life Hartlepool
Park Road, Hartlepool
01429 522768

Peterlee Community Hospital
O’Neill Drive, Peterlee
01429 522766

Seaham Primary Care Centre
St John’s Square, Seaham
01429 522766

We carry out hearing assessments in a sound treated environment using the latest equipment. We will explain the results of your audiology assessment during your appointment and you will also receive a report following your appointment.

Where required we fit high specification digital hearing aids, following nationally recommended procedures. A written report will be issued on the same day which supports the information given and the counselling which has been carried out during the appointment.

Hearing aid repair and maintenance appointments

There are booked appointments available in all locations. This service is only available by contacting us by phone on any of the phone numbers listed above.

If you are unable to use a telephone for conversation we can also be contacted by text on 07919 691170.

Making a referral to the adult audiology service

GPs should make their referral through the electronic Choose and Book system or by a letter of referral.

Thank you so much for your quick response to my letter and for the kindness and care you showed to my husband.

Children’s audiology services

Children’s audiology services are provided from the following locations:

One Life Hartlepool
Park Road, Hartlepool

Peterlee Community Hospital
O’Neill Drive Peterlee

Lawson Street Health Centre

Appointments are arranged using a partial booking system. When we receive your referral, a letter will be sent out asking the parent or guardian to contact the department to arrange a convenient appointment in a suitable clinic.

The appointment will involve:

  • taking a history of your child’s health and development, with particular interest in speech development, ear infections, educational progress and family history of ear and hearing problems
  • a hearing test which will be age appropriate for your child and for younger children is carried out in the form of a game
  • examination of your child’s ears
  • explanation of the results of the test and arrangements for further appointments as needed

Making a referral to the children’s audiology service

Referrals can be made into the children’s audiology service by any health professional involved with your child’s care. Alternatively we can arrange assessments at the request of a child’s parent or guardian.

Useful links

Action on Hearing Loss
This is the new name for the RNID the website provides a huge amount of information about hearing loss, tinnitus, technology, support and campaigns

National Deaf Children’s Society
This is the leading charity dedicated to creating a world without barriers for deaf children and young people.

Durham Deafened Support
Peterlee Based Support Group for local people with hearing loss and tinnitus
0191 5183358

Middlesbrough based retailer of assistive listening devices to help you hear in the home and on the phone.
01642 247789

Online supplier of assistive listening devices
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