Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

There are several additional devices that you can purchase that compliment and enhance your hearing or hearing aid/s. This may be for your home or for your workplace.

You may be eligible for funding through Access to Work if this is to help you perform tasks at work. Please see useful links section of our website for this.

They all provide online shopping and catalogues, we have a selection of catalogues in our clinics, and are happy to discuss the devices if you would like, just contact us to arrange an appointment.

They all provide assistive devices that can be used with or without the hearing aids, such as:-

Alerting devices– vibrating alarm clocks, vibrating baby alarms, portable/ flashing doorbells, vibrating fire alarms (these are sometimes provided through your local Fire and Rescue Services)

Telephones (including mobile)– to be more compatible with a hearing aid or to have amplification to increase the volume, or text-phones (typing conversation that is then relayed through an intermediary person- Text rely operator)

TV/ music listening devices– wireless TV listening with headphones or using the loop system with your hearing aids.

Tinnitus devices– sound therapy devices or pillow speakers to connect to a sound therapy device or CD player/ iPod/ MP3 or radio, to help with disrupted sleep

How to buy

Hearing aid accessories are available to purchase privately from a number of hearing care professionals:

Hearing grants are available that offer you free equipment to help you with your hearing loss.


  • Scheme 1 – Access to Work
  • Scheme 2 – Disability Students’ Allowance
  • Scheme 3 – Veterans’ Hearing Fund

For more information visit the Hearing Grants website.