Compliments, complaints, comments and advice

We want you to let us know what we’re doing well or if anything can be improved. If you are not happy with any partĀ of your care at the trust, please let us know. It is often easier to sort out problems as they arise.

  • Patient Experience Team (PET)

    We are continually trying to improve the services we provide. Please let our patient experience team know about things we are doing well, or if you have any suggestions about how services can be improved.

  • Making a complaint

    If you are not happy with any part of your care at the trust, please tell a member of staff as soon as possible. Please be reassured your care will not be affected as a result of you making a complaint.

  • NHS Choices

    If you or a loved one has received care from us, you can share your experience of our services on the NHS Choices website. Your comments will help us to improve things for future patients.

  • Friends and family

    If you receive care in our hospitals, we will ask you before you leave to complete a short questionnaire to find out whether or not you would recommend us to your friends and family.