Video appointments come to the aid of orthotics patients

The innovative use of video consultation software to aid patients with specialist needs has been hailed a success and is being offered to other health care trusts nationwide.

Our Orthotics service assesses patients and provides them with devices such as insoles, braces, splints, callipers, footwear, spinal jackets and helmets etc. They are used by patients recovering from injury and those living with lifelong conditions to aid them in everyday life.

The Attend Anywhere video consultation package is now being used to assess and review patients who are currently shielding or at high risk from COVID-19. The patient remains at home and talks to their specialist orthotist via their lap top or tablet.

The orthotist can see and assess the patient’s progress and offer advice on equipment adjustments.

Orthotist Abby Paterson said: “The response from patients has been fantastic.”

“They’ve been very appreciative of what we’re doing to make sure the service continued and prevent their treatment from being delayed.

“We’ll likely continue using the Attend Anywhere software after the pandemic. It’s convenient for our patients as they don’t have to travel and can even fit in appointments on their lunchbreaks.”

Bethan Sharp, from Billingham, has been using the video consultation package to continue the treatment for her daughter Bella-Rose. Four-year-old Bella-Rose experienced dysplasia in both hips, which has resulted in her right leg being around 2cm longer than her left leg.

Bethan commented: “Video consultation is brilliant. I was a bit sceptical at first but it works really well and we haven’t had to come to the hospital at all.

“Abby is great with Bella-Rose and really gets her involved her in every consultation.

“Just last week I was a bit worried as Bella-Rose had had a growth spurt. I spoke with Abby long distance, she took a look at how Bella-Rose was and in a couple of days, the new equipment arrived.

“It just all works really well.”

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust commissions its Orthotics services via Taycare Medical Ltd. A leading supplier of orthotic products and services in the UK, Taycare believe the Trust is leading the way with our proactive approach in delivering high quality patient care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taycare has appointed Clinical Development Manager, Ashley Lewis to replicate the Trust’s working model to other health care providers throughout the country.

Ashley said: “The relationship between Taycare and the trust has enabled us to provide an excellent service to patients requiring orthotic input.

“The attend Anywhere package has been transformational in the way that patients can now be seen much more efficiently and has created a patient-centred approach to the service and is proving to be extremely well received and very successful.

“I’m delighted to have been involved in this innovative and exciting new process which we can now offer out to other healthcare providers throughout the country.”

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