Top tips to keep skin safe while wearing facemasks

Who would have thought that wearing facemasks and coverings would become commonplace?

With masks now part of our everyday life, expert wound care nurses from North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust have created a list of top tips to keep our skin safe while wearing facemasks:

• Avoid soap – it can be harsh
• Use a soap-free face wash or low ph. soap instead
• Use warm, not hot, water and pat dry
• Shave in the direction of hair growth
• Use moisturiser throughout the day
• Regularly inspect your skin
• Keep well hydrated

Tissue viability nurse Emma Hale said: “We’re all wearing masks and with that can come irritation, cuts and sores.

“Our tips might seem common sense, but we know from experience that lots of people aren’t really considering how masks can affect their skin. The skin on your face is sensitive and not used to having fabric and elastic rubbing against it.

“Just take a little time to care for your skin, it’s worth it in the long run.”

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