The Northern Trust encouraging its communities to dream ahead

A North East Health Trust is encouraging its communities to dream ahead whilst staying at home during Coronavirus.

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust is reminding the public of the continued importance of social distancing to protect the NHS and to save the lives of people living in the area.

But what about when this is all over? Clinical Lead, Rachel Teasdale on Ward 25 at the University Hospital of North Tees set up a wellbeing board for staff on her ward, urging them to share what they are looking forward to most at the end of the pandemic. “It’s a challenging time for my team and it’s really important that we maintain a positive outlook to get through the coming months. We all have close family and friends outside of work, so our social lives have always been a really valued way to get away from it all. We have all been talking about the exciting things that we can get up to when it is safe to do so, and I wanted to come up with something to remind my colleagues that this isn’t forever – we have to focus on the things that we so have the privilege of looking forward to.”

It got the Communications and Marketing team thinking too, reflecting on what they are most looking forward to doing once they can safely leave their homes.

Laura Keen, Senior Communications and Marketing Officer at the Trust is most looking forward to days out with her family again. “My little boy Lucas is 9 months old now, he’s really energetic and he’s desperate to get outside and see his little pals again. So far in lockdown he’s learnt to crawl, stand up on his own and he’s even added a few words to his vocabulary. (Not to mention his new found love for all things food.) We’ve made the most of it so far and will continue to do so until its safe for us to go out as a family and enjoy the things Lucas had started to love so much. Mum and dad are looking forward to a day out walking with a nice pub meal to finish!”

So now the Trust is extending the opportunity and making a plea to the public to share their post-pandemic thoughts too. They’d love to hear all about what you used to love doing so much, and what you can’t wait to get back to. Send your photos and stories to and they’ll share them on their social channels. Follow the hashtags #WhenItsSafe #ImDreamingOf to see your photos!

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