Thank you for being there for us!

Thank you from everyone at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust to our amazing community for being there for us over the last few months.
Thank you for making personal protective equipment for us.
Thank you for making food and donating water to our front-line staff.
Thank you for buying iPads so people could contact their loved ones in hospital.
Thank you for knitting love hearts for patients and relatives.
Thank you for helping raise money for a luxury wellbeing bus for our staff to relax in.
Thank you for making rainbows, for all of your clapping and for your endless messages of love and support.
Thank you to EVERYONE who made such a difference and who helped our staff when we needed you most.
Levi Buckley, chief operating officer, said: “It’s been the toughest period most of us have ever faced in the NHS.
“To see people caring for each other and for their community in our time of need, gave us all a real morale boost when we needed it most.
“It touches you and makes you feel a warm glow.
“The ways people have chosen to help has been overwhelming. Whether it’s been making us PPE, donating us food and water, presenting us with iPads, as well as much much more, we are so so thankful.
“In the Tees Valley we work closely with our partners. This experience has strengthened those bonds even further – it has reinforced that commitment to work together.
“Our job is to serve our local communities and keep people safe. Over the past few weeks we have made closer links with our community than ever before.
“Thank you again to everyone for everything you have done – we can’t thank you enough.”

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