Singing volunteer strikes a chord with patients

A singing volunteer is striking a chord with our patients as he brightens up their day with regular musical performances.

Inspired by the work of the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jason Wilson wanted to lend a hand and began volunteering at the University Hospital of North Tees in May.

As a volunteer, Jason’s role involves serving meals and feeding patients, but his love for performing has proven an unexpected benefit.

Singing classic rock and pop songs on his acoustic guitar, Jason performs to patients around the hospital a couple of times a week.

Singing volunteer strikes a chord with patients - Jason Wilson

Jason, 19, from Norton said: “I just wanted to help out. I saw all the amazing work people were doing and wanted to get involved.

“I’m also interested in a career in health, maybe as a paramedic, so it’s good experience to work with patients and hospital staff.

“The patients really enjoy the songs and it takes their mind off their illnesses for a little while.”

Also a bass player in local rock-rap band Rise to Rebellion, Jason’s volunteering role is a world away from his day job as a barman in a local pub. He commented: “Volunteering at the hospital is great. It’s really rewarding and definitely worth doing. I’d recommend anyone looking into it.”

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust volunteers play a key role in hospital life. From taking patients home to collecting medication, and from greeting patients to serving meals, volunteers are highly regarded by staff and patients alike.

The Trust is always looking for new volunteers.

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