Respiratory doctor challenges COVID-19 deniers

A leading local respiratory consultant has challenged those who deny the existence of COVID-19 in new interview video.

Trust respiratory consultant Dr. Cath Monaghan outlined the serious impact of COVID-19 on the human body during a filmed interviewed with Trust head of communications and marketing Ruth Dalton about the misconceptions surrounding the virus.

During the interview, Doctor Monaghan says: “I can’t imagine why anybody would have the time, the energy or the motivation to make something up that’s not true. It is very, very real. It’s a very real threat and it’s very, very dangerous.

“I cannot emphasis that enough.

“In the NHS we have not got time to make things up. We’ve got enough to do with managing the day-to-day work.

“COVID is a massive problem and it’s very, very real.”

Responding to claims that the threat of COVID-19 is somehow exaggerated, Cath, who has also experienced contracting the virus personally, commented: “If you think that you as an individual are going to get it and be fine, you are playing Russian Roulette.

“If you are young and otherwise fit, you will probably be alright. But is ‘probably’ good enough? No. As a consultant, if I said ‘That spot on your x-ray is probably not cancer and you’re probably alright’, would you be happy when you left the room? The answer is ‘no’ so don’t take risks you don’t need to take.

Cath Monaghan “If you’re not concerned about your individual risk of getting COVID, consider where you might in three weeks’ time if you have a nasty accident in your car and the ambulance is taking hours to come because there’s no capacity in the system, or you come to A&E and have to wait hours and hours and hours.

“We’ve got ensure we’ve got enough capacity to keep critically ill and unwell patients safe and be in a position where we can get you into a bed if that’s where you need to be.

“You have got take this seriously.”

The video,also outlines the current treatment for those with a serious case of COVID-19, how the virus differs from seasonal flu, the importance of protecting NHS workers, the effectiveness of the ‘Hands-Face-Space’ regime and offers advice to people self-isolating at home with mild symptoms.

The Trust filmed and issued the video in response to an increasing number of baseless claims on social media about COVID-19, misinformation about treatment and misconceptions about recovery rates.

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