NHS staff take inspiration from motivational speaker

More than 100 NHS staff took inspiration from a world-famous motivational speaker after he was invited to talk to them.

Shiv Khera, a renowned author and educator, ran a virtual seminar for staff at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust.

Mr Khera, who has sold more than eight million copies of his books and spoken to millions to share his 40 years in research, was invited to speak on the subject of turning setbacks into comebacks.

Shashwat Saran, community paediatric consultant at the Trust, who invited Mr Khera, said: “This was an excellent talk from an experienced speaker with a vast amount of experience in providing workshops which motivate and inspire people.

“Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Staff picked up advice and techniques which they will be able to apply to their roles.

“In healthcare, in our striving for excellence we are used to receiving setbacks along the way. It’s always about learning from these and moving forward so that we are always improving the care for our patients.”

Jill Skelton, respiratory research nurse, said: “I’d like to thank the Trust for organising this fantastic discussion – it really was one of the best speakers I’ve heard.

“We found Dr Khera to be very positive in his delivery, both myself and my colleague Claire have been working on the COVID-19 clinical trials. This presentation really helped give us tools to use should we face this challenging situation again. We feel very lucky to have been  able to access this webinar.”


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