Hospital Trust hosts moving photography exhibition

The University Hospital of North Tees is hosting a moving and inspiring photography exhibition showcasing healthcare in a little-seen part of the world: Cambodia.

The exhibition, Cambodia in Transition: Trauma, Health and Religion, is currently on display in the hospital’s newly redecorated spirituality centre.

The exhibition features around 50 photographs taken by Newcastle-based clinical psychologist Dr Amy Izycky.

Amy travelled to Cambodia with the charity Transform Healthcare Cambodia in November 2018 and documented her experiences.

Staff from North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust have also contributed towards the charity in the past by visiting and passing on vital medical skills and advice.

Amy said: “I hope the exhibition gives people a flavour of Khmer people and culture.

“The country is rebuilding itself after the civil war and managing the fallout from trauma.

“The photographs are designed to reflect some of the religious, cultural and geographical aspects which affect how healthcare is provided.”

While visiting to the hospital is limited it is hoped that staff and patients will be able to spend some time in the spiritualty centre and explore the fascinating insight into Cambodian life provided by Amy’s extraordinary photography.

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