Event to celebrate way newly qualified therapy staff worked during pandemic

Therapy staff held a celebration event to mark how newly qualified members of the team rose to the challenge of COVID-19.

Therapy team stood in corridor at North Tees hospital.A virtual rotation roadshow was held for occupational therapists and physiotherapists at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust.

In response to the pandemic, staff who would normally follow a structured rotation had to move to other areas to meet demand.

Vikki Pickering, therapy team lead, said: “The year has been extremely challenging – this event was an opportunity to recognise the work of the junior members of staff, having entered their chosen profession during a pandemic.

“The group have not only risen to the challenge of responding and adapting to incredible demand at short notice but, as services returned, they were asked to start choosing their next choice of service to rotation.

“The event offered staff the opportunity to voice and present their experiences during the last six to nine months, including positive experiences and learning opportunities and challenges.

“This gave staff the opportunity to gain insight into the rotation detail before they made their choices.  Staff were asked to be creative and did not disappoint providing presentations from factual clear presentations on screen to engaging podcast style reflections.

“Feedback by those involved was very positive – staff reported the event was very helpful, gave them more detail about services before choosing their next rotation and were extremely grateful for the opportunity to meet their peers, present and hear about the learning of others.

“The success of the event has meant that rotation roadshows will be routine as part of each rotation planning within therapy services and will aspire to grow and make positive changes.”

The event was hosted over Microsoft Teams by therapy team leads and attended by Jill Foreman, head of pathways and integration.

Caption: Left to right –  Therapy team leader Vikki Pickering, physiotherapist Nicole Hinchley and occupational therapists Melissa Waugh and Sophie Kay.

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