Community midwives helping protect pregnant women from flu

A record-breaking number of pregnant women have been protected against the flu by the trust’s community midwives this winter.

The team have been focusing on immunising mums-to-be when they visit for appointments and drop-in clinics.

It has led to a significant increase in the number of women being protected – more than trebling the numbers jabbed last year!

Community midwifery matron Anne Marie Collighan said: “It’s really important we protect pregnant women from the flu.

“The focus this year has been on offering pregnant women the opportunity to have their jab while they visit us so they don’t have to save them the inconvenience of organising it with their GP.

“We have had a dedicated team of seven midwives who have been committed to making sure women have this option.

“Congratulations to the team for everything they have done to protect these women and their babies from flu.”

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