Celebrating the impact of clinical research

Today is International Clinical Trials Day.

The research and development teamTo mark the day, we will be celebrating some of the amazing work our staff have carried out to help find new treatments for patients.

Jane Greenaway, associate director of the Durham Tees Valley Research Alliance, explains more.

She said: “This day celebrates the first ever clinical trial conducted by James Lind in 1747.

“This last year has showcased to the world the amazing work of researchers across the globe in bringing effective COVID treatments and vaccines to patients in record time.

“However, this type of work is done every single day, every year by dedicated teams from those sitting at lab benches, academics, NHS researchers, pathology, pharmacy and radiology staff, research delivery staff and those who manage them.

“Research is at the heart of delivering the best possible patient care

“Thank you to all of the patients who say “yes” to participating in clinical trials. Without them, we wouldn’t have cutting edge treatments or vaccines.”

Find out how to #BePartofResearch by visiting https://bepartofresearch.nihr.ac.uk/, speaking to your healthcare practitioner, visiting our R&D website or following us on social media @CDDFTRnI @NTHFTResearch @steesresearch @ResearchDtvra1


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