Accident and emergency (including minor injuries)

Accident and emergency services for adults and children are provided at the University Hospital of North Tees in Stockton. We assess and treat people with serious injuries and those in need of emergency treatment.

All accident and emergency departments use a priority system where the most seriously ill or injured patients are seen first. It may be that after the initial triage we feel it would be more appropriate for you to be seen elsewhere and we will direct you to a more suitable health care provider such as your GP. We cannot speed up appointments to outpatient clinics. You should call 999 straightaway if you or a person:

  • has severe pain not relieved by over the counter medicines
  • is in a confused state
  • has persistent severe chest pain
  • has breathing difficulties
  • is unconscious
  • has a serious head injury with heavy bleeding
  • has severe bleeding from any part of the body
  • Do not put a seriously ill or injured person in a car and take them to the nearest health facility. Phone 999 and the paramedics will assess the patient and take them to the best hospital to meet their need.

Having a well-stocked medicine and first aid cabinet at home will mean you can deal with many minor injuries and ailments without needing to come to the minor injuries or accident and emergency department. It also means the doctors and nurses in the department can concentrate on looking after the seriously ill or injured.

Excellent service and after care advice – staff were kind, open and explained everything clearly.

Minor injuries

We provide a minor injuries service from One Life Hartlepool in Park Road. Patients who arrive at One Life urgent care centre are directed to the right service for them. Our minor injuries department is open 24 hours. Call your GP, go to One Life Hartlepool or call 111 if you or a person has:

      • an infection or a rash
      • a stomach upset
      • cuts and bruises
      • a burn, strain or sprain
      • a fracture (broken bone) and or laceration (deep cut) and can walk without severe pain

It’s useful to have a well-stocked medicine and first aid cabinet with painkillers, dressings and other first aid items so you can deal with minor ailments and injuries quickly. Your local pharmacist who will be happy to advise you about this.