Women's outpatients

Our team of doctors, midwives and specialist nurses provide a number of services for women in our women’s outpatients departments.

We provide services including:

  • urogynaecology service for people who have symptoms of bladder complaints requiring assessment and treatment, for example pelvic floor exercise and bladder training. This also includes urodynamic testing to diagnose bladder dysfunction and see if any further treatment is necessary
  • general gynaecology conditions
  • chronic pelvic pain clinic
  • pessary fitting service
  • colposcopy service for diagnosing and treating those with an abnormal smear result
  • abnormal uterine bleeding clinic, to investigate and treat women who are having problems with their periods
  • a hysteroscopy service, which involves putting a small camera inside the womb, to help diagnosis of menstrual problems

All of the procedures below can be done under local anaesthetic (you will be awake) at the University Hospital of Hartlepool.

  • endometrial biopsy
  • fitting of Mirena IUS
  • removal of misplaced coils
  • hysteroscopic sterilisation (Essure procedure)
  • Novasure / balloon ablation treatment (which destroys the lining of the womb) a non hormonal treatment for heavy periods
  • diagnosis and treatment for intra uterine fibroid and polyps, known as Myosure procedure

To be referred to our clinics please contact your GP

Health professionals should make a referral to our clinics through the consultants to the abnormal uterine bleeding clinic.

Antenatal clinics

Our antenatal clinics provide a range of obstetric consultant supported care where we can carry out investigations, diagnostic and treatment for high risk mothers during the antenatal period.

The clinics are provided by consultants, senior registrars and junior doctors. Midwifery staff co-ordinate the clinics with ancillary staff providing support.

Referrals to the antenatal clinics can be made from:

  • community midwives
  • GPs
  • consultants
  • hospital midwives

Following a dating scan (first scan) an appointment will be arranged for a consultant appointment. Clinics run at the University Hospital of Hartlepool on a Tuesday morning, Thursday afternoon and Friday mornings. At the University Hospital of North Tees they run on a Monday morning, Wednesday afternoon and Friday mornings.

Specialist clinics are run on each site for:

  • multiple pregnancy clinics – run by a consultant obstetrician and a midwife with a special interest in multiple pregnancies
  • combined medical clinics – these clinics are run by a consultant obstetrician, obstetric registrar, a medical consultant, specialist diabetic nurse and a midwife

Women are referred to these clinics if they have a medical condition which could impact on the pregnancy, such as:

  • diabetes
  • endocrine disorders
  • heart conditions
  • respiratory disorder

Maternity assessment units

We have two maternity assessment units, one at the University Hospital of Hartlepool and one at the University Hospital of North Tees. We are committed to providing you and your baby with the best care. We provide a specialist and high quality service to antenatal women and follow up care to postnatal women who are experiencing problems.

Why may I need to go to the day unit?

We will see you if you are 18 weeks pregnant onwards; exceptions to this will be at the discretion of the unit staff within guidelines. There are a number of reasons why you may be asked to go to the day units and a number of ways in which you can be referred.

Your community midwife could ask for you to attend if during a routine visit a problem is identified, such as your baby not moving as much or finding your blood pressure is a little high.

If you have had a problem in a previous pregnancy or your midwife feels you should have added specialist care during your pregnancy, you will be referred early in your pregnancy to see a consultant. At this appointment it may be arranged that you attend either day unit as part of this care, for example to have your blood pressure or the growth of your baby closely monitored.

Your own GP may ask you to go to the maternity assessment unit if you have gone to see him or her with a problem and a specialist opinion is thought to be required.

You can refer yourself to the day unit.

The telephone numbers for both units are listed and you can phone these and speak to a midwife if you have any concerns or questions. It may be that the midwife can offer you enough assistance on the phone or it is possible that she will recommend that you come to one of the units for assessment.

What tests may I have?

There are a number of tests that you may have:

  • checking your blood pressure, temperature and counting you pulse rate
  • checking your urine (wee) for anything that shouldn’t be there
  • feeling your tummy to make sure your baby is growing well
  • listening to your baby’s heart rate
  • if you have complained that your baby is not moving as much, we will monitor your baby’s heart rate for about 20 minutes using a machine called a cardiotocograph and ask you to press a button when your baby moves so we can see how often he or she is moving. This does not hurt you or the baby and is a quick and simple test to do. At the end of the test the midwife will explain the results to you
  • blood tests that can check for many things such as the amount of iron in your blood, which if low may mean you need to take iron tablets
  • other tests that check your liver and kidneys are working well
  • if your community midwife has felt your tummy and thinks the baby is small, she will arrange for a scan at the hospital after which you will come to the day unit and the midwives will explain the results to you
  • a presentation scan to check which way the baby is coming, head first or bottom first
  • depending on the reason for you being in the day unit you may need to go for a chest x-ray or a scan of you rather than of your baby


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