Our team of dedicated anaesthetists and specialist nurses work as part of the perioperative team, ensuring that you are fit for your operation by providing a pre-assessment service prior to your operation, and by providing the anaesthetic care during your operation.

We also provide an acute and chronic pain service, giving advice on pain management after your operation and also advice within outpatients surrounding chronic pain management.

The team also provide the medical cover for the critical care unit, ensuring the sickest patients in the hospital are provided with the high quality expertise related to their condition.

Anaesthesia is used so that you don’t feel pain. It can be given in different ways and does not always make you unconscious.

There are three main types of anaesthesia, local, regional and general:

  • local anaesthesia blocks pain from a specific part of your body and will feel numb, but you stay conscious
  • regional anaesthesia involves having injections which numb a large part of the body, but you stay conscious
  • general anaesthesia blocks pain in the entire body and gives is essential for some operations, you are unconscious and feel nothing

Your anaesthetist will discuss the different types of anaesthesia to help you to make a choice.