Research and development

We are a research active trust. We take part in clinical research studies for a number of different clinical illnesses.

Research is important because it can help to improve healthcare by finding out which treatments work best.

Many of our patients are helping us with research projects but we want to include more people and give more of you an opportunity to contribute to improving care now and in the future.

Contact us

If you would like to speak to a member of the research and development team, please call the office on 01642 624090.

Alternatively you can email us on

Research and development office
1st floor, Middlefield Centre
University Hospital of North Tees
Stockton on Tees TS19 8PE

Useful information

UK Clinical Trials Gateway
A database of clinical research trials that are running in the UK – you can search and see if any are relevant to you then ask your doctor or nurse of these studies are open in our trust.

National Institute for Health Research

Find out about why we do research in the North East, how you can become involved and make a difference by watching this short four minute video

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