Giving Birth

Find out how to get ready for the birth including looking for and understanding signs of labour, induction of labour and pain management.

Your delivery options

You have a number of options for where you can choose to birth your baby, whether at one of our hospital sites or from home

Early signs of labour

Find out how to recognise the signs that indicate you may have gone into labour, which can include contractions, a show or waters breaking.

Stages of labour

There are three main stages of labour plus a latent phase. Your midwife will recommend monitoring you and your baby during labour to make sure you're both coping well.

Induction of labour

During your pregnancy, an induction of labour may be recommended or advised by your healthcare professional.

Coping during labour

An overview of the coping mechanisms and pain relief available to you during labour.

What to bring with you

We list some ideas for what you'll need to pack for labour and birth for you, baby and your partner, including what to prep for going home.


An overview of visiting times and bedside numbers for family and friends hoping to celebrate the birth of a new baby.