Intermediate care

If you have had an injury or an illness we will provide you with care and support if you need it to help you to quickly return to your normal levels of independence.

Our intermediate care service is provided by a number of healthcare professionals including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, rapid response nurses, support staff and health and social care professionals, who are part of an integrated team providing you with a number of services in the community.

We want to prevent you from going into hospital. However, if you are in hospital we will get you the support you need when you are medically fit to get home as soon as possible and help to prevent you from going back into hospital.

If you are assessed and require intermediate care we will:

  • assess your short term care needs and provide carers to support you with those needs for up to six weeks
  • carry out assessments in your home
  • provide you with equipment and make adjustments where necessary
  • provide you with an exercise programme if you need it
  • assess for any long term care needs or support that you require in the future and get the appropriate services involved

Making a referral

Health professionals should phone our single point of access on 01429 522500 to make a referral

Self referrals should be made through the first contact team if you are in Stockton on 01642 527760 and the first contact support hub in Hartlepool on 01429 284284.


First contact team
01642 527764

First contact support hub
01429 284284