Stoptober returns

“Every smoker knows they should quit. We’re here to help, not lecture.” – that’s the message from a new tobacco dependency team as Stoptober returns.

The annual NHS quit smoking campaign is back, encouraging smokers to make a concerted, supported effort to quit for good.

Tobacco dependency treatment service

Stoptober raises awareness of risks of smoking and encourages motivation to stop smoking, supporting the “Don’t Wait, It’s never too late” approach.

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust’s tobacco dependency treatment service is working collaboratively with the NHS to raise awareness of the Stoptober Campaign and is encouraging smokers to download the NHS SmokeFree app to support a quit attempt.

Julie Bardsley, tobacco dependency specialist lead, said: “The NHS SmokeFree app is a great motivation aid.

“Smokers can get advice, keep an eye on their progress and even keep track of how much money they are saving.

“Our role in the Tobacco Dependency Team is to support inpatients around their nicotine addiction in accordance with the Smoke Free Pledge, but we want to see everyone live a smoke-free life.

“We want to support people with tobacco dependency. We’re here to help, not lecture.”

Julie Bardsley, tobacco dependency specialist lead

The service is already on the wards at the University Hospital of North Tees prescribing nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and offering support with practical tips to beat nicotine.

The team streamlines referrals into the community for active quit attempts after discharge by providing the patient with two-weeks’ worth of NRT and communicating with a chosen local community organisation who can provide ongoing support.

They also offer specialist support for pregnant women to quit for the benefit of theirs and their baby’s health.

The NHS Quit SmokeFree app can be downloaded online.

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