Specialist team with advice to parents whose children stammer

A specialist team who help children with speech and language issues have produced the first of a series of videos to help parents and carers.

The children’s speech and language team at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust are planning to create videos to help parents access their service virtually in response to COVID-19.

The first of these is around children who have any challenges with stammering.

Speech and language therapists Laura Dixon and Beth Abbiss have offered some advice and support.

This includes giving a child time to finish talking and not interrupting, listening and offering reassurance, keeping natural eye contact and being at a child’s eye level.

Other tips include using the same words and sentences as your child, encouraging speaking situations which are easier to join in, ask one question at a time, give praise and encourage everyone in the family to take turns to talk.

Laura said: “It’s important to know that parents or carers do not cause stammering. For lots of children, going through a period of stammering is a normal part of their development.

“You as a parent or carer can be key in supporting your child talking.

“Whether a child is aware of their stammering or blissfully unaware, the following advice in this video should be beneficial.”

To see the video visit the Trust’s Youtube page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmZCoNINJrU


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