Simulation suite

We have invested in a state of the art simulation suite which allows our clinical staff to learn by creating specific scenarios in a safe environment.

Within the education and organisation development department, we have a mannequin of a sim-man 3G high fidelity, a sim-baby, a pregnant woman, two babies – a full term and a premature baby and a five year old child. The most recent addition is Susie, an adult who will help with the training of community nurses. They are helping trainee doctors, newly qualified nurses and other staff be prepared for the real thing in the trust’s simulation suite.

The latest in medical simulation models are operated from a remote laptop in an adjoining room. The models can mimic medical problems and can respond to treatments or drugs.

It’s all about patient safety and we’re delighted that we can offer this leading edge training, to improve people’s skills and make them more confident to deal with difficult situations and ultimately benefit patients.