Mark Saunders

Mark Saunders SCP Upper Limb

I have worked for the Upper Limb Team since 2008. My role is to assist in all upper limb elective and trauma operations. I provide the link between the surgical teams and operating theatre department to maintain a cohesive and productive smooth running of the theatre lists.

My background was as a surgical care practitioner in Cardiothoracic were I trained  at the University of Teesside and then as a scrub nurse in setting up the Leven Unit in 2006 as an  upper limb focused  unit. I moved back into the role of a surgical care practitioner in 2008.

I have a special interest in all upper limb procedures completing a number of audits in the past to enhance clinical practice.  I have in the past assisted in Upper Limb clinics seeing new and post operative patients.  I am also in the Army Reserve and deployed on many occasions to bring back specialist skills to the operating theatre environment.