Metal on metal hip joints

The unit has been a national lead on the research into the cause and management of the failure of metal on metal hip replacements.

Since 2008 we have been revising (replacing) metal on metal hip joints. Our highly skilled surgeons have now carried out hundreds of these procedures between them. When we identified the problem we set up a system so we could assess patients to see if the joint was affecting them in any way and take appropriate action. We screen patients:

  • for joint movement and pain
  • by using ultrasound to examine the joint and the tissues around it
  • for levels of metals in the blood (known as ions)

Our prosthesis retrieval centre staff been able to establish failures of different types of metal on metal hip replacements and our work on this cause has been well published. Our staff have expert knowledge on the subject and are frequently consulted by outside organisations both nationally and internationally.

We are currently providing a comprehensive service including:

  • advice
  • screening
  • monitoring
  • revision (replacement) surgery

If you have had a metal on metal hip replacement and are experiencing pain or are concerned then you should contact your GP or contact us direct.

We have already seen many patients from outside the area we serve and would be happy to continue giving advice and accepting referrals from outside of our area. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort and have had a metal on metal implant then this service is now available through Choose and Book and can be requested with your GP.

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