Speech and language therapy

Good communication skills allow us to play our part in family, education, work and community life. Speech and language therapy supports people with communication difficulties to reach their potential.

We offer support to people of all ages: from newborn babies to children in school, and adults at all stages of life. As well as helping with communication we work with eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties.

Our friendly and highly skilled team of speech and language therapists and assistant practitioners provide support in a variety of settings. We aim to tailor our service around each individual and their needs. We work in clinics, schools, hospitals and clients’ own homes across Easington, Hartlepool and Stockton.

While most of our referrals come from GPs, schools, hospitals and health visitors, we run an open referral system. This means you can refer yourself or your child by contacting us directly.

Speech and language therapy for adults Speech and language therapy for children