How you've helped

Your participation in research helps gain new knowledge and advises on the best possible care for patients.

Here are a few examples of research where patients from the trust have taken part and contributed to the outcome of a study.

Patient stories

Mary’s story

Mary Scott from Billingham became the first person in the UK to be signed up to a study into the effects of single-port laporascopic (keyhole) bowel surgery. Mary is one of 50 patients that has taken part in a randomised trial that examined the potential benefits of laporascopic surgery through a single access point compared with the standard access through four or five access points.

Mary said: “I was pleased to be asked to be part of the trial. I needed the operation anyway so it was just case of it being done by one of two different techniques. I had my operation on the Monday and was home on the Thursday. I found out when the dressings came off that I’d had single port access surgery. I was given very good pain relief and I had a comfortable stay in hospital. It’s good to know that there is a centre of excellence in this type of technique right on our doorstep.”

John’s story

Patient John McGarva was diagnosed with COPD 10 years ago, and has since required three inhalers to assist his breathing.  John said “Being involved in research can one day make a real difference to the people, like me who suffer from these illnesses. I’ve been coming to the hospital for treatment for COPD and I’m hoping other people like me will benefit from new treatments. I’ve done various tests to see whether I can take part in a number of research studies. Even if I’m not suitable for one, I know I’ve not wasted my time because all the information the team take from these tests will show whether I can be involved in another.”