Stroke research

If you or a loved one has suffered a stroke, you may want to consider joining one of our research studies.

A stroke is generally defined as a loss of brain function due to a lack of supply of blood to the brain.

When someone is brought into hospital after having a stroke, we understand it can be a difficult time. Some people are with us for a short stay, while others need to spend longer being cared for.

Depending on the type of stroke and severity, there are several research studies that patients can take part in.

Some current studies investigate the types of treatments used and their effects on the patient. Other research may look at the effects of physiotherapy, which is monitored by special wrist bands measuring arm movement before and after therapy.

The stroke unit research team encourage as many eligible patients as possible to take part in research but understand that it can be a difficult time for both patients and their families.

Family members are encouraged to find out as much as possible about the research taking place, and in some instances, will be asked for their additional consent from themselves to show they are happy with their relative taking part in the study.

Those taking part in stroke research now, will help stroke sufferers in the future.