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The Trust is committed to making sure our patients have access to cutting edge care. We regularly take part in clinical research studies and offer our patients the opportunity to participate in these. We do this through direct contact when they visit the Trust or by contacting them by post. Our clinical staff support participation in research and are keen to offer you opportunities to take part in relevant research studies. Our out-patient appointment letters include information to patients informing them we’re research active and our Trust Privacy notice (which covers how we use your data) lets patients know that we may contact you directly to discuss participation in research.

The Trust has recently begun a partnership with a commercial clinical research company called Synexus and we may enter similar collaborations with other companies in future. If you’ve visited the trust recently you may have seen signs for the Synexus research facility in the Middlefield Building on the right hand side as you enter the main car park at North Tees.  Synexus will be running clinical research studies at their facility at the University Hospital of North Tees. They will run these either alone or in collaboration with our Trust research staff.

To help us to identify patients who may be suitable to take part in our own studies or studies for research partners, we want to ask for your permission for us to use your data for patient database searches. We will use the data you provide to identify people who we can approach by post to ask if they want to take part in our studies or those that are being run by our partners.

Important Information

  • None of your data will be shared directly by us with external research companies
  • NHS staff will run a search of our databases and you will be contacted directly by us with information about the study
  • We will search our Trust database for patients with particular health conditions where there may be relevant research studies and then send a letter to you to ask if you would like to contact the companies directly for more information on these studies
  • It is entirely your decision whether you decide to contact the company for further information about the study for them to assess whether you will be suitable to take part.

for more information on our Research visit our Research page

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