Paediatric (children and young people) research

We run a number of research trials to look at different treatments for children and young people aged between birth and 18 years old.

The team carry out research to help improve the day to day lifestyle of you or your child for conditions such as asthma, epilepsy and diabetes and other childhood conditions.

All of the research is different. We may ask for a questionnaire to be completed or you might need to take some different medication.

The research study was fantastic. The children enjoyed being involved in the research. The trial medication has helped my son tremendously, reducing his hospital admissions. It has changed our way of life.

The team will speak to you about research when you are on the ward or they may telephone you at phone.

It is entirely up to you whether you take part in research, but every part of the research is important and we know that it will help to improve care and treatments in the future.

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