We’re offering HypnoBirthing classes for expectant mothers and their partners from 28 weeks of the pregnancy for low or high risk pregnancies.

The course is being run by midwife and accredited HypnoBirthing practitioner Vicki Lund at the University Hospital of North Tees on a Saturday morning or afternoon.

Each course includes a two and a half hour class every week for five weeks at an additional cost of £65. There is also small charge of £25, which covers the cost of a book and CD needed for information and practice.

The sessions cover:

Class one

  • How HypnoBirthing works
  • Breathing techniques to shorten labour
  • Antenatal physical preparation to help labour
  • How do we relax

Class two

  • How labour happens
  • Make the most of your pelvis
  • Know your baby to help after birth
  • Relaxation exercise
  • Birth environment

Class three

  • Stages of labour – your choices
  • Labour bag
  • Relaxation exercise
  • Birth partners role

Class four

  • Positions for labour
  • Massage to encourage good hormones
  • Induction of labour – how to make it a positive experience
  • Writing your birth preference
  • Relaxation exercise

Class five

  • Recap of labour
  • Breastfeeding
  • Life with baby
  • Meeting new mums and babies
  • Relaxation exercise

There is a maximum of six couples per course.

HypnoBirthing can make a big difference to women and their experience of labour. It helps couples to prepare mentally and physically for labour and childbirth, using self hypnosis relaxation and breathing techniques.

We’re using the original method, called the Mongan Method. Anyone can join the HypnoBirthing programme.

Women who use HypnoBirthing experience less pain and therefore need less pain relief. It helps the mind’s messages which are sent to the brain to be much more positive, which helps women to relax and remain calm.

Read more about HypnoBirthing at www.hypnobirthing.co.uk