Hand and wrist surgery

We provide a consultant led service to diagnose and treat conditions which affect the hands and wrists.

Our orthopaedic consultant surgeon, theatre nurse specialist, nurses, healthcare assistants, extended scope physiotherapists and support staff run clinics and day surgery for procedures including:

  • Carpal tunnel decompression (surgery to relieve severe pain of carpel tunnel syndrome)
  • De Quervain release (surgery to relieve the pain of this condition which affects your thumb tendons)
  • Trigger finger release (surgery which will allow you to bend your fingers and thumb without pain)
  • Mucoid cysts (ganglion cysts that develop at the end joint of a finger)

Thanks to the surgeon and his team, I have my life back – thanks so much.

You will be referred to us by your GP, physiotherapist or a specialist physiotherapist.

Making a referral

Health professionals should make a referral for hand and wrist surgery through Choose and Book. Urgent referrals will be seen within two weeks.

Outpatient clinics

Monday to Friday


Every other Monday and Friday morning


Hand and wrist service
North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust
01429 522543.