Family nurse partnership

We know that the prospect of becoming a young mum, facing pregnancy, child birth and having to look after a baby can be overwhelming.

We have a specially trained team of family nurses who are here to help you prepare to become a parent. This is a free and voluntary programme for first time mums and dads or partners, if mums want them to take part, aged 19 and under.

The family nurse partnership involves regular home visits by one of our helpful, friendly nurses, who will provide non-judgmental support to you, your partner and any other family members who may play a role in your baby’s life.

The programme starts early in your pregnancy and continues until your baby is two.

Your family nurse will provide you with information and will support you to make decisions which:

  • increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy
  • help you manage your labour
  • improve your child’s development
  • build a positive relationship with your baby and others
  • help you plan for the future
  • enable you to make lifestyle choices, which gives your child the best possible start in life
  • enable you to achieve your aspirations (such as finding a job or returning to education)

Joining the family nurse partnership was one of the best decisions I ever made. I have a brilliant relationship with my nurse; she has helped me and guided me so much over the past two years.

We are here to help you with any concerns you may have, and to guide you through specialist advice, encouragement and support.

You can find out more about the family nurse partnership programme by speaking to your community midwife, or you can just give us a call.


You can contact us between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

01429 522070 or 01429 522626

01642 704227 or 01642 704228

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