Children's and young people's diabetes

When you are first diagnosed with diabetes a doctor or diabetes nurse will explain what diabetes is, the basics of managing your condition and show you the equipment you will need to manage your condition for yourself at home and school.

The team is made up of consultant paediatricians, paediatric diabetes specialist nurses, childrens diabetes dietitians, a clinical psychologist and a personal assistant. One of the nurses will be allocated as your key worker, and they along with a dietitian will visit you at home and keep in touch over the phone to make sure that you and your family are managing.

The children and young persons diabetes team are available 24 hours a day for advice and support

About your appointments

To make sure you are receiving the very best care and that you and your family are managing your diabetes well you will be invited to attend hospital clinic appointments throughout the year, it is very important you attend these appointments.

The appointments are held in the childrens outpatients department and you will have your height, weight, blood pressure and blood glucose checked to ensure you are doing well and are healthy. Once a year you will have an annual review where further tests will be carried out to check your kidneys are working ok.

If you are over 12 years old you will be invited to have your eyes and feet checked annually as part of managing your condition.

During your appointment you and your family will have the chance to speak to your doctor or nurse about any questions or worries you may have, they will ask to review your blood glucose diary so it is important you bring these to every appointment.

Diabetes and school or college

You may worry about managing your diabetes at school or college, but be reassured that many children attend school or college and manage their diabetes perfectly fine. Your nurse will arrange to come to your school and discuss your condition, how it may affect you, equipment you will need, how to store your insulin and the importance of a healthy diet.

Every child and young person has a diabetes care plan that is bespoke to them, your teachers can use this plan to help and support you and what to do if you were to become ill.


For routine enquiries Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm
01429 522215

Alternatively contact your allocated nurse or keyworker who will get back to you as soon as they are available

Out of hours
If you need advice and support please contact the childrens ward on
01642 382175 or 01642 3882815

Useful links

The diabetes support group meet in the main central library in Hartlepool on the first and third Friday of the month between 10 am and 12 midday.
Contact: 07818132671