Continence advisory service

Our team of specialist nurses provide advice, care and support for men and women who have bladder and bowel problems.

Once you have been assessed and examined we will work with you to help you manage your symptoms. You may:

  • be offered advice on how to manage your condition through pelvic floor exercises or lifestyle changes
  • you may need continence products which may help your symptoms
  • we may offer you advice on medication

You’ve changed my life – thank you.

We will tell your GP the details of your assessment and the plan of how we will help to manage your condition.

Your treatment may take between six months to a year. Sometimes people need to be referred to another service for treatment or we might continue to see you for ongoing treatment or bladder scans if it is necessary.

You can make an appointment yourself or you can be referred to us by any health professional, where we will see you at our clinic in one of the convenient locations across Stockton or Hartlepool.

Making a referral

People can access the service by contacting our single point of access on 01429 522500


Monday to Friday between 9am to 4.30pm

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