Community respiratory service

Our team of specialist respiratory nurses treat patients who have been diagnosed with or have symptoms of a breathing condition.

You will be referred to our service from either your consultant, nurse or physiotherapist.

We provide:

  • oxygen assessment
  • diagnostics
  • rehabilitation classes for people with breathing conditions
  • education for patients, carers and health care staff
  • overnight oximetry (a test which measures your oxygen levels overnight)
  • an initial assessment, follow up and annual review
  • a home support service to ensure that wherever possible, patients’ symptoms are managed in their own home
  • advice, awareness, information and education about respiratory disease
  • you with an understanding and support that provides you with the confidence to take action of your own wellbeing
  • you with a point of contact so you can get advice and support about how to manage your condition

Thank you for all you’ve done. You’ve been a reassuring presence when I am frightened and always seem to get to the root of my problem and sort me out.

Making a referral

Health professionals should phone our single point of access on 01429 522500 to make a referral. Patients can contact us themselves to take part in the pulmonary rehabilitation classes.


Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm
We run one clinic each week with our respiratory consultant


One Life Hartlepool
Park Road, Hartlepool
01429 522500

Useful links

Breathe Easy Group meets on the last Friday of every month at the Central Library in Hartlepool between 1.30 pm and 4pm