Building a relationship with your baby during pregnancy


Saying “hello” to your baby can start today

During pregnancy it is important to form a relationship
with your baby:

  • Take time out to relax
  • Stroke your bump, talk to baby and notice and respond to movements
  • Involve dad

A warm welcome after birth

Your midwife will talk to you about skin-to-skin contact, which:

  • Calming effect at birth for both you and your baby
  • Helps to form a close bond due to surges of hormones

Having conversations with your baby from day one

Your midwife will explore what you already know about your baby’s development and how to make them feel secure and she will give you information about:

  • Responsive parenting assists healthy brain connections, feelings of safety and comfort
  • Keeping baby close to enable you to recognise your baby’s needs
  • How responding to your baby will not spoil them

Feeding your baby

Your midwife will explore what you already know about feeding your baby and will ask you about your feelings and expectations about breastfeeding and help you to understand the value of breastfeeding as food, protection and comfort:

  • Remember staff will be around to support you during the early days
  • You do not have to decide how you want to feed your baby until your baby is born

Preparation for breastfeeding

A new breastfeeding workshop is now being run for mums.