Dads can help too

Dads can sometimes feel left out when their partner decides to breast feed. Breastfeeding, however is only one aspect of caring for your new baby and there are lots of other ways that you can get involved.

  • Bath time can be lots of fun and dads are really good at this
  • Cuddles are always important and a good way of building your relationship with your baby
  • There may be a small amount of wind after a feed so sitting baby upright or resting baby’s head on your shoulder may help
  • Taking baby out for a walk in the pram will also give you time to get to know them
  • Changing babies nappy or just talking and playing with your baby while he is on the changing mat will help you to get closer
  • Dads are particularly good at getting baby off to sleep
  • The more support you give your partner the longer she is likely to breastfeed for
  • Doing any of the things listed above can give your partner a break
  • You can help by making your partner a sandwich or simple meal and ensuring she has plenty of drinks throughout the day particularly when she sits down to breastfeed
  • Try and share the load so help out with some of the household chores
  • Your partner will find it easier to breastfeed if she is free from stress so try to take things easy, don’t worry about “getting back to normal” and make sure your partner doesn’t have more visitors than she can cope with