How to breastfeed successfully

There are many different positions for breastfeeding but all you need to remember is the acronym CHINS.


CLOSE – Baby needs to be close to mum so that he can scoop enough breast into his mouth

HEAD FREE – Baby needs to be able to tilt his head back when attaching to the breast. This is to allow his chin to lead as he comes on to the breast

IN-LINE – The baby’s head and body need to be in a straight line  so that he doesn’t have to twist his neck. This makes swallowing easier

NOSE TO NIPPLE – Mums nipple should be just below babies nose  so that as he roots and tilts his head backwards the nipple will slip under his top lip upwards and backwards to rest on the baby’s palate

SUSTAINABLE – The position should be comfortable for both mum and baby for the duration of the feed

Recognising effective attachment

  • Chin touching breast
  • Mouth wide open
  • Lower lip curled back
  • Cheeks full and rounded
  • More areola visible above top lip
  • Rhythmic suck / swallow with pauses
  • Feeding is should be pain-free

Breastmilk – a valuable resource

Breastmilk is constantly changing to meet baby’s needs. It changes as your baby grows making it ideal for all your baby’s needs.