Building a relationship with your baby after pregnancy


A warm welcome continues

Most parents feel instinctively that they want to keep their baby close so that they can respond to their needs. You will be supported to achieve this by:

  • Having skin-to-skin contact following birth for as long as you wish
  • Recognising the early feeding cues
  • Offering the first feed in skin contact

Closeness is the key

Responsive parenting relies on your baby being close to you, so that you can get to know your baby and notice what they are telling you. You will be supported to achieve this by:

  • Keeping baby close to you at all times
  • Recognising your baby’s needs and responding to them
  • Not leaving your baby to cry

Skin-to-skin contact:

  • Stimulates release of hormones
  • Calms and relaxes baby and mother
  • Regulates baby’s heart rate and breathing
  • Regulates baby’s temperature
  • Stimulates breast-seeking behaviour and interest in feeding
  • Stimulates endorphin release (body’s natural response to pain)
  • Protects baby from infection