What to expect

We understand visiting the unit for an appointment can be an anxious or worrying time. Our experienced team in the endoscopy unit is here to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Please see details below around what you can expect when you come to visit us. Click to enlarge the photos.

When you arrive please check in with the reception team at the desk.

Please bring your paperwork with you when you come for your procedure and hand it in to the Receptionist who will check your details are correct on the computer system.



After you have checked in you will be asked to have a seat in our waiting area. A nurse will collect you when it is time for your test.




Once you have been collected from the waiting area you will be taken to an admitting room where the nurse will go through your paperwork, ask you some questions and explain what will happen during your procedure. The nurse will then show you to the changing area where you will be able to get changed.



Once you are changed you will be collected from the changing area and shown into the procedure room where the Endoscopy Team will be waiting to greet you.




Here are some of the team involved in your care and present in the room while you have your procedure. From left to right: Staff nurse (will look after you during the test and help with the procedure and equipment); endoscopist (the specialist nurse or doctor who will perform the procedure); assistant screening practitioner (records the data and results from the procedure); healthcare assistant (helps the endoscopist with the procedure and equipment); specialist screening practitioner (records the data and results from the procedure and will discuss your results with you).


This is one of our nurse endoscopists and two of our endoscopy team preparing for the list.




If you have had a Bowel Scope Screening test you will be able to go straight home once the Screening Practitioner has discussed your results with you.

If you have had a colonoscopy you will be taken to the recovery area after your procedure where you will have some time to recover.


Once you are dressed you will be escorted to the second stage recovery area where you will be able to have a hot drink and a sandwich.




Before you go home a screening practitioner will go through the results of your test with you and give you your discharge paperwork. If you have had sedation you will be discharged into the care of a relative or friend.