Useful websites

There is a lot of information available about bowel cancer, but we would advise a note of caution when conducting internet searches for information.

A lot of the content available through popular search engines are produced in countries other than the UK, it may not be based on robust research and some has been made by those with a commercial interest in particular treatments. If you do want to discuss any of the information you find online, please don’t hesitate to your Bowel Screening Practitioner or the medical team providing your care.

The following websites are used regularly by medical staff and provide a wide range of information supported by recognised research methods:


Gov.UK provides an overview of the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme including patient leaflets in a number of different formats and languages .

Bowel Cancer UK
Bowel Cancer UK is the largest UK bowel cancer charity. Their site provides information about bowel cancer research, treatment and other ways the organisation support people with bowel cancer. They have a range of information online and a number of publications you can order

Macmillan UK
Macmillan offer a range of online information and publications about bowel cancer. They also offer advice around practical issues and managing finances

NHS Choices
The NHS Choices website offers a wide range of information about health matters and NHS services
It includes sections on the screening programme, bowel cancer and the treatments available

Cancer Research UK
The site covers all aspects of research into cancer, as well as a section looking more specifically at bowel cancer

Screening Saves Lives
Middlesbrough Council is currently running a campaign to increase awareness of bowel screening.