Alcohol nurse specialists

DART are available to offer support for Drug and Alcohol Patients.

The DART team consists of two community support staff who are employed by a Stockton based community team called Change Grow Life (CGL). They work with staff, patients, families and community organisations to ensure that a patient who is admitted into our hospitals with alcohol related problem are offered brief interventions and ongoing support while under the care of the trust and once discharged to the community.

They support patients to lead healthier lifestyles by promoting either safe drinking habits: Men and women should not drink more than 14 units of alcohol in total for a week, units of alcohol spread evenly across several days. Alternatively DART can offer support with abstinence as part of a persons recovery.

Patients who have a diagnosis of liver disease or chronic pancreatitis are encouraged not to drink.

However if you have a dependency to alcohol you should not stop drinking abruptly, you should seek advice from the community alcohol services and your GP first.

Useful links

Change Grow Live 3-9 Skinner Street Stockton TS18 1DY

01642 625980

Change Grow Live Middlesbrough

01642  225479

Change Grow Live Redcar

01642 481032

Hartlepool Action Recovery Team Whitby Street

01429 285000

County Durham Substance Misuse Service Various locations across County Durham

03000 266 666


NECA – 01325 362159

Dry January 2020

We’re supporting the annual Dry January campaign.

Quitting the booze for a month gives you a chance to reset your relationship with alcohol as well as save a few pounds (both in your pocket and waistline).

Find out more at the Dry January website – and remember, you can sign up to Dry January at any time in the month.