Alcohol nurse specialists

Our alcohol nurse specialists assess, treat and offer advice to patients who are admitted with alcohol related problems and refer onto community alcohol support services if it is required.

They work alongside a team called DART who are drug and alcohol health workers employed by a Stockton based community alcohol team called Lifeline.

These teams work with staff, patients, families and community organisations to ensure that a patient who is brought into our hospitals with an alcohol related problem is supported and safe in and outside of the hospital.

We work with patients to help them recover and lead healthier lifestyles by promoting either safe drinking or by not drinking alcohol.

Men should not exceed 21 units of alcohol in a week and women should not drink more than 14 units of alcohol in a week. Patients who have a diagnosis of liver disease or chronic pancreatitis are encouraged not to drink. However if you have a dependency to alcohol you should not stop drinking abruptly, you should seek advice from the community alcohol services and your GP first.

The service runs between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Useful links

Lifeline Community Alcohol Project (over 18s adults alcohol support service )
3-9 Skinner Street
TS18 1DY
Phone 01642 625980
Fax 01642 611384

Clients can drop in to this service daily without an appointment for an assessment between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday

Lifeline Community Young Person Adolescent service (under 18s)
One Stop Shop
Bishopton House
16 Bishopton Lane
TS18 2AA
01642 677600

Birchtree Practice for Drug and Alcohol misuse (over 18s adult)
Lawson Street
01642 633561

They operate a drop in service, doesn’t require appointments.

CRI (over 18s drug and alcohol adult service)
William Street,
01642 613358
Open Monday to Friday

Addaction Drug and Alcohol Service (over 18s)
Whitby Street
01429 285000

Lifeline Project
44 Victoria Road
TS26 8DD
01429 265566

CAS Community Alcohol Service
Thames House
Mandale Business Park
0191 375 6620
Various locations in Durham – phone for details of nearest office