Speech and language therapy for adults

We work with adults from 19 years of age who have speech, language or communication needs or difficulties with eating, drinking and swallowing.

Speech, language, communication and swallowing difficulties needs might include:

  • changes to speech and swallowing after stroke
  • communication and swallowing difficulties associated with a long term neurological condition
  • difficulties understanding or using language
  • stammering, where sounds or words are repeated or a lot of effort is needed to produce them
  • speaking with a persistently unusual voice quality, which might sound croaky, breathy or hoarse

As well as working directly with the person referred to us we also support families, carers and other people around them. We aim to work together to get the best outcomes and improve quality of life.

We also aim to help educate the wider population to understand the needs of people with communication and swallowing difficulties. We provide training for professionals and other agencies who work with adults.

Information for service users

How to refer

We have an open referral service – this means that you can refer yourself to us without going through your GP. You can download our referral form below or contact us by phone to talk through your concerns.

Download referral form

Information for professionals

How to refer

We have an open referral service – this means that any professional can refer an adult to us as long as they have gained consent or from the person themselves. You can download our referral form below or contact us by phone to make a referral.

Download referral form

Information for students

Speech and language therapy students

As a team we regularly provide placement opportunities for student speech and language therapists from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. On occasion we’ve arranged placements in partnership with other universities, for example when a student lives in the North Tees area. If you are due to come on placement with us you can download our student induction pack here and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Students from other professions

We can offer half-day observation sessions to students of other professions within the trust. In the past we’ve had student health visitors, school nurses, midwives and doctors spending time with our team. For more information about the availability of observation sessions, please contact our admin team on 01642 624704.

Thinking of a career in speech and language therapy?

If you are thinking of becoming a speech and language therapist or assistant practitioner you can find lots of useful information on the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and NHS careers websites. We offer observation placements for work experience students or people considering a career in speech and language therapy – these are usually two half-day sessions (one with our children’s team, one with our adults’ team). For more information you can contact our admin team on 01642 624704.

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